MAXPPP synidcates the production of EPA, one of the major telegraphic agencies. EPA, was created in 1985 in Europe, and became worldwide in 2003. It is owned by the main european press agencies (DPA in Germany, EFE in Spain, Ansa in Italy, …)

A global worldwide news network of 400 journalists 7days a week, 24hours a day.

Syndicating EPA News allows us to have at your disposal more than 1000 photos daily, selected with high quality editing, shortly after the event.  EPA photographers cover all main world events, from politics and social to breaking news, catastrophes and conflicts of war.


All the major competitions and disciplines are covered. EPA brings you to the heart of the action next to the sportsmen and women and their teams, but also the preparation of events, the ambiance, the crowd, and the medals ceremonies.

Art, Culture, entertainment

Fashion weeks of Milan, New-York, ... EPA covers the main catwalks shows.  Celebrities, cinema, music, theatre and concerts, EPA are present at all the main events, premieres, festivals and red carpets at the four corners of the world.


EPA produces features on specific events, which is edited to 25 photos. These subjects contribute to the historic documentation of the world we live in.

Award winning photographers

The talent of EPA photographers is recognized internationally, and they are regularly awarded for their work http://www.epa.eu/about-epa/awards.